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iPhone font made from apps

What do you do when you have an iPhone, over 500 apps and way too much free time on your hands? Why, you arrange those apps into a colourful app font, of course. At least, you do if you’re Urikane Parker who painstakingly sourced, downloaded and arranged the apps on his iPhone to create the 26 letters in varying shades of awesome [UPDATE: Only 25 letters! He didn’t bother with W for some reason, probably lost the will to live].

We don’t even like to think about how long this must have taken, but it speaks to us on that primal level that compels us to arrange our books by colour instead of opting for the rather more user-friendly alphabetical order. In short, it’s pointless but we love it and we’ll be rearranging our own homescreens in tribute at lunch.

Check out the full alphabet (sans W!) in the video below.


[via Engadget]