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iPhone gaming? There’s a pinball table accessory for that…

Pinball Magic has become one of the first iPhone games to be controlled by an external accessory: a miniature pinball table.

Developed by New Potato, the game itself is free to download in the US App Store, but only works if you also buy the $39.99 pinball table accessory. Your iPhone or iPod touch slots into it, allowing you to view the game on its screen, while pummeling the ball with physical flippers.

There’s a choice of single or multiplayer mode, with the latter supporting four players taking turns. You unlock different table designs as you progress through the games, and yes, before you ask, there IS tilt detection. So you can’t monkey about with the pinball table to help you out of a dodgy spot.

It’s a bit of a novelty, and with some excellent pinball games available for less than a quid on iPhone, it may be a stretch for many people to pay just under $40 for one that comes with a mini table. Even so, it’s one of the more imaginative ideas to hit the App Store recently.


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