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iPhone gets a boozy World Cup drinking game

I’ll be honest: watching England frequently drives me to drink. In fact, even the thought of watching England is enough to make me reach for the two-litre bottle of White Lightning.

But now there’s an iPhone app that actively encourages boozing while your team are losing (or, indeed, winning or drawing). It’s called Drinking Cup, and is the work of London firm Caffeinehit, who’ve released it as an app and also as a website.

For every match during the World Cup, it gets you to choose a team, and then take a certain number of slurps of your chosen beverage for specific actions – goals, fouls conceded, handballs and your goalkeeper letting the ball squirm through his despairing arms like a slow-motion piglet covered in baby oil.

For example.

Caffeinehit is calling it the world’s first real-time drinking game, but I’m calling it a menace to our livers. However, it’s a pretty fun idea, and one designed to be played in groups, thanks to its use of Facebook Connect.


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