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iPhone gets its auto-correct spelling checked by new app

Annoyed at sending an email to ‘bomb’ instead of ‘Anna’? Signing off emails as ‘May Smith’, when you’re Mat?

The notorious stock auto-correct function on iPhone has had enough attention to develop into its own site, rammed full of unintentional spelling mishaps, but that’s all about to change.

Autocorrector seeks to right the iPhone’s auto-correct wrongs, and its simple interface means you can start adding those awkward friend names, in-jokes and companies in an instant.

There are even word-packs available to side-step some of the effort of adding each word by hand; the SMS shorthand pack will give access to all the LOLs and BRBs you’ll need.

There is a limit to the Autocorrector’s powers; and that limit is swears. Yes, Apple’s fear of the eff has meant the app doesn’t automatically include words that’d make your mum blush.

At 59p, you’ll find the app a bargain- especially if you’re prone to a bit of lazy typing on the iPhone, like some of us at Recombu Towers.


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