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‘iPhone HD’ coming out this summer? WSJ says yes

Any Apple fan will tell you that a new iPhone is likely to come out this summer but the Wall Street Journal has proof it seems. In a recent article, the WSJ states that “Apple is developing a new iPhone to debut this summer and also appears to be working on a model for US mobile phone operator Verizon Wireless, say people briefed on the matter.”

We have no idea who was “briefed” so this could be another disappointing rumour but it seems a bit too boring to be made up. According to the article, the Verizon iPhone will feature CDMA, which isn’t supported in the UK, and it will be built by Pegatron Technology Corp, a subsidiary of ASUSTeK Computer Inc.

As for the new GSM iPhone, that’s going to be made by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, the company behind Apple’s previous iPhones. Engadget reckons that the new iPhone might be called the iPhone HD and come out on June 22nd. As expected, Apple, Pegatron, Hon Hai and Verizon Wireless, declined to comment on the WSJ article.


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