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iPhone home screens: Spot the difference

Owning an iPhone is as much about bragging about what apps you have as it is about enjoying them. It’s common to see adults chortling over each other’s iPhones down the pub while they compare apps in the same way that children compare stickers. But deciding what apps we own and where to put them is actually very interesting. If you look at it from the perspective of an anthropologist, apps could perhaps act as meaningful digital signposts — ways of understanding ourselves and our culture.

To see if we can find any meaning in the selection and order of iPhone apps we’ve asked people on twitter to send in screenshots of their iPhone home screens. We then tried to group similar people together to see if we could find any patterns. There aren’t any definitive conclusions to be made from the results but it’s fascinating to see the similarities and differences between even a small group of people. It’s also interesting to see that even though you can remove a lot of the default apps on the home screen, many people choose to leave them put.

Coder vs Coder

On the left we’ve got @alz, resident techie at CBS Interactive UK and on the right we’ve got our very own @OwenGerrard, Recombu’s lead developer.

Journo vs Journo

On the left we’ve got @brokenbottleboy, online news editor at Stuff magazine and on the right we’ve got @GordonKelly, news editor at Trusted Reviews.

PR vs PR

On the left we’ve got @maxicom, PR for emerging tech firms and on the right we’ve got @Eba, tech PR at Lewis.

Designer vs Designer

On the left we’ve got @itstheruss, web designer with a penchant for snowboarding and on the right our very own @sjkdesigns, Recombu’s lead designer.

Editor vs Editor

On the left we’ve got @Jamesholland, Electric Pig editor and gin enthusiast, and on the right we have @NateLanxon, senior editor at CNET UK and drummer.

Tech fan vs Tech fan

On the left we’ve got @mikejaydavies, full-Time Student at College, heading off to University in summer and on the right @vincentthacker, forum fan aka pokeh.

Tech veteran vs tech veteran

On the left we’ve got @andys, rich media guy who likes tennis and on the right @adebond, engineering consultant in love with all things tech.

Women in tech vs Women in tech

Starting from the left we’ve got @fundamentals, a tech PR, then @susiweaser, Recombu contributor and part owner of Fixation Video, and finally @katiesol, a PR at Borkowski.


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