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iPhone in iPhone app is so cool we can’t stop watching the video


Orange 3D is one of the coolest promotional mobile apps we have ever seen. Developed by Ogmento for the launch of the Orange iPhone in Israel, Orange 3D pops up a virtual iPhone when you point your iPhone’s camera at a modified Orange logo. Watch the video to see it in action.

What’s really impressive about the app is that you can move the virtual iPhone about by moving the logo around and by touching your iPhone’s screen – you can even click apps on the virtual iPhone and open them. It’s not available in the UK yet unfortunately but we hope to see it soon.

It would be amazing if this app could be modified and used as a beginner’s guide. You could imagine pulling out a new phone and then being asked to point its camera at a logo on the box it came in – the app would then guide you through all of your new phone’s features.


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