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iPhone Incipio neon covers: Acceptable in the 90’s

You could argue that the last few years has seen a revival of all things 80s. Recession? Check. Political scandal? Check. Industrial action? Check. Certified 80s revival. It stands to reason then that a 90s revival is just around the corner.

Mobile accessory manufacturer Incipio has wisely anticipated this inevitable trend by releasing a series of dayglo-hued cases for the iPhone.

Just a mere 1mm thick, these Incipio Feather cases won’t bulk out your iPhone a lot, so you’ll still be able to slip it into the side pocket of your combat trousers. The cases come in yellow, pink, blue, orange and green, allowing you to coordinate accordingly.

The Incipio Feather cases cost £19.94 which oddly correlates to the date when dayglo colours started to give way to the ‘sports casual’ look later sported by virtually every Britpop band.


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