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iPhone micro-USB adapter arrives in Apple Store, price may shock

Amidst the fireworks of yesterday’s iPhone 4S launch in Cupertino, another Apple product was sneaking its way onto the Apple online store: the fabled micro-USB adapter.

The GSM Association have been pushing to standardise all mobile charging with micro-USB by 2012, so kudos to Apple for getting in a few months early with the iPhone 4S. But we’ll be having those kudos back again (is that something you can do?) on account of the price tag Apple has attached to the adapter – eight British pounds to you, mate.

The adapter will most probably be included in the box along with the new iPhone, so unless you lose your first one you won’t be forking over £8 yourself for your a replacement. However, a quick trawl of eBay revealed third party adaptors going for around £2-£3, so if we were at all scatterbrained, we’d make that our first port of call.

Source: Engadget