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iPhone Nano rumour reappears, could arrive with the iPhone 5

Talk of a diminutive new iPhone has been kicked about since the original touched down in 2007. Sources from Apple’s supply chain have apparently been in talks with China Times who have reignited the fires of rumour and speculation around production of the iPhone Nano being underway.

Apple has dominated the premium smartphone market with each iteration of the iPhone resulting in record sales and huge uptake globally, but as other manufacturers such as Samsung have risen to the challenge, with products across price ranges, not just in the premium end.

iPhone Mini?

While the iPhone 3GS and 4 are currently being pushed as lower price offerings, off contract an iPhone 3GS still retails for around £300, placing far higher than of its entry level or mid-range Android rivals. As such an iPhone Nano based on lower end hardware, with cheaper manufacturing costs could well see great success, especially in developing markets where low cost, but well equipped smartphones are highly sought after.

If Apple does decide to put such a device into production (if it haven’t already), then there is a possibility that it could well feature alongside its flagship counterpart the iPhone 5, which Apple is expected to launch in June, later this year.

Smaller, more affordable Apple products have already been talked about with the possibility of an iPad Mini waiting in the wings too, but as with every Apple rumour, it isn’t true until it’s true.


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