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iPhone OS 3.1 and iTunes app manager: Organised apps


Steve Jobs is alive and kicking. Today Steve announced a few new Apple products and services including some new iPod Touches with more memory and a less expensive price tag, and some new colourful Nanos with video cameras and FM radios. But we only wanted to hear about the iPhone, and there’s nothing major to announce there.

The new iPhone OS 3.1 doesn’t seem to offer any substantial improvements but there are a few noteworthy additions. Genius Mixes automatically selects similar tracks from your iTunes library and works in a similar way to a radio station, but unlike the original Genius mode there’s no cap on how many songs it will play. In addition to adding a new Genius mode in iTunes, Apple has also added a Genius-style feature to the app store, it will now recommend what apps you might like.

You can finally download ring tones that will cost around £1. Syncing has been improved to offer more granular options regarding what you sync. A slightly more interesting fact is that the latest version of iTunes (9.0) comes with an app manager that allows you to easily organise your apps — watch our video to see the app manager in action. Overall OS 3.1 is an iterative update to the iPhone with a few nifty additions that won’t revolutionise your life but it will make it easier.


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