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iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3: Widgets, multitasking and file sharing

The latest release of the iPhone OS 4.0 (beta 3) to developers has revealed a few neat things which we can expect to see on the iPhone 4G (or iPhone HD, or whatever it’s going to be called).

Boy Genius Report has discovered this media player widget, which contains a set of iPod controls with a steamy window overlay. This allows you to pause and skip tracks and to lock the orientation of the screen to stop it from flipping between landscape and portrait.

You’ll also be able to close any apps running in the background by pressing and holding on an icon of an app you’re running, and you’ll be given the option to close any other apps you happen to be running at the time.

Boy Genius Report suggests that OS 4.0 might let you move files from your computer to your iPhone using iTunes. This would be a great a great way to move apps to and from your iPhone but at the moment it only works with the Mail app – support for other apps appears to have been locked out.

Apple seems to have pulled the update down so we’re not sure if these features will end up on OS 4.0 but we’re pretty sure they will. We’re looking forwards to June 7th with bated breath.


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