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iPhone owners are smarter than Android users, survey reveals

The results of an online test by Ladbrokes has revealed that iPhone owners are smarter than those who own an Android. 

Got a BlackBerry? Then you’re probably a dunce, according to the results of an online mental agility test. The test, which was carried out by British bookie Ladbrokes, revealed that iPhone users had the quickest wits of all, completing the test in 94 seconds. BlackBerry users, meanwhile, took an average of 118 seconds to scrape through.

The test, named the ‘Test of Wits’, is made up of seven problem solving brainteasers. The user has to select the make of their phone first, and choose one out of four possible answers in each question. There is also a timer in the top right-hand corner for added pressure. 

There are some trick questions, such as: “Some months have 30 days, some months have 31 days. How many months have 28 days?”. The answers to choose from were: 1, 12, 3, and 10. Other questions include: “How many 9s are there between 1 and 100?” and “How many legs do 2 dogs and 2 ducks have in total?”. 

Overall, Samsung users were ranked in third place, whereas HTC owners ranked fourth and Nokia users fifth. 

Studies between users of the iPhone and the Android are not uncommon. A study carried out by TalkTalk Mobile last summer surveyed 2,000 iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users, determining whether their choice of phone said anything about their personality. 

The results found that iPhone users are the most vain, and generally rate themselves more attractive than those with other smartphones. That will hardly matter to BlackBerry owners, who were discovered to be the biggest earners. 

Android users, meanwhile, were found by the study to be the most creative and to drink the most alcohol.

So would you agree with the results found by these studies? Let us know by posting a comment below. 

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