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iPhone Pro: 4th generation iPhone concept by ADR Studio

Unless you work for Apple it’s unlikely that you know what the next iPhone is going to look like or do, but an Italian design studio has had a go at predicting the future. ADR Studio’s ‘iPhone Pro’ includes slide-out touch sensitive controls and a MacBook-friendly MagSafe connector – “With a more comfortable shape to game, surfing in internet, working with the apps.”

We seriously doubt that the next iPhone will boast moving parts but we like the idea of having better gaming controls. As for the MagSafe connector, we seriously hope that Apple does implement a slicker charging solution because the current port feels clunky compared to using MagSafe.

ADR Studio’s iPhone Pro concept boasts slide-out controllers.

We really like the idea of a slicker charging system and hope that Apple can implement a MagSafe-like system in the future.

ADR Studio’s concept might be a bit far-fetched but we like how much effort it put into the renders.