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iPhone travels through space, makes it back to earth unscathed

How’s this for a father/son project? After eight months of research and development, Luke Geissbühler, his son Max and a team of Brooklyn Space Program cohorts launched a capsule attached to a weather balloon into the stratosphere in order to capture the amazing video you see below. Inside the capsule were an HD video camera and your average, bog-standard iPhone.

The iPhone was used for tracking the craft via GPS rather than shooting the video, but it’s pretty amazing to think that something that spends most of its time in people’s pockets and bedside tables has made it 19 miles high, rocketed back to earth at 150mph and withstood extreme heat and extreme cold. This astronaut iPhone is what your iPhone dreams of being when it grows up. [via 9to5Mac]


Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.


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