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iPhone update allows you to snap photos with your headphones

In the new version of iPhone software, you’ll be able to take photos using your headphone’s volume switch.

Apple’s recently announced iOS 5 showcased its new physical camera button, borrowing the volume rocker to act as a shutter switch when in the app.

Now it’s been revealed that the volume rocker on iPhone headphones will be able to do the same- though we’re not sure exactly how we’d juggle the camera and headphones.

Despite its minimalist looks, the iPhone has a front-facing home button, volume-rocker, silent-mode switch and screen lock button. It has been missing this physical camera button; something that’s a heavily used feature for us at Recombu.

The new shutter button joins other upgrades to the camera app, like a speedy camera shortcut on the screen-lock display. You’ll even be able to take some photos without tapping in your security code, hopefully ensuring you won’t miss the moment.

See some more features of Apple’s new software offering in our own hands-on preview.

Via: iPhone Download Blog



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