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iPhone video calling unveiled by Fring


Fring might sound like an abbreviation to describe how cold it is right now but it’s actually a mobile chat client that allows you to send and receive instant messages through a variety of services, such as Yahoo and MSN Messenger, and make voice calls to other Fring users and Skype users.

Today Fring announced that its app now allows you to make video calls, including making video calls to Skype users, using an iPhone or iPod Touch and certain Nokia phones. There’s a video of the Nokia app in action here.

It’s important to note that when using Fring’s video call feature on an iPhone or iPod Touch, the camera is on the front, so you can’t show your face and see the other person’s face at the same time – unless you hold it up to mirror. Compatible Nokia phones with forward facing cameras don’t suffer from this issue of course.

You can download the iPhone app here and the Symbian app here. Fring says it will add more devices soon. We would like to add that as Fring accesses the Internet please make sure that if you’re planning on using 3G, you find out how much you get charged by your network operator before using it.


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