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iPhones and iPod Touches stuck on iOS 3.1.3 can’t buy directly buy from the App Store: Sync from your desktop

If you’re out to prove your old school iOS fanboi (or fangrrl) credentials and you’re still rocking an old school iPhone or iPod Touch, you might have noticed that a recent update has barred you from downloading apps directly from the App Store, that is if you’re still rolling with iOS 3.1.3 for whatever reason.

An update that appears to have hit on the 16th of December has prevented users from downloading from the App Store app on their devices – though if you plug your iPhone/iPod Touch in to your computer and download apps through the desktop app (the tradesman’s door, if you will) then you can still sync purchases and downloads this way.

Perhaps not ideal if you’re out and about and something in the Top 25 catches your eye, but at least you’re not totally locked out and left in the cold. Users worldwide seem to be effected, so it doesn’t seem to be a UK or network specific issue.

We’d prefer it if Apple was able to get things working the way they were and save everyone having to scurry for the nearest computer any time the mood to download and app strikes them.

Assuming you’re not getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S under the Christmas tree this year this could well ruin things if you planned to while away the hours playing new games or downloading Christmas TV planner apps.

Source: Apple Support Communities via Engadget


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