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iPint is UK’s most downloaded app: Carling advert proves popular

The Carling iPint is the UK’s most downloaded app, according to comScore’s Alistair Hill. For shame, Britain. What’s slightly more embarrassing than our most popular app being one that simulates drinking a pint of cheap beer, is that it’s an advert. Every time someone downloads it, Carling marketing execs dance with glee (unsubstantiated), and when you show it to your friends, you’re subliminally brain-washing them into ordering a Carling next time they go to the bar. Yep, Britons, we’ve fallen for their marketing ruse. It just goes to show that even with a very simple idea a brand can gain huge recognition with an app.

According to comScore, the most downloaded app in the rest of Europe is Shazam, the music-identification app, and the USA can’t get enough of the Facebook app. We are officially less cool than both.