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iPlayer iPhone app: Coming soon? Probably not

Update: Nick Reynolds from the BBC has stated that the images are old and should not be taken to mean anything is likely to happen soon. We’ll have to wait and see.

BBC we love you. Jordan Howell recently sent Neowin news of a BBC press pack for iPlayer viewing figures, which includes a picture of a previously unseen iPlayer iPhone app. The app screenshots show live streaming and downloading functionality but there’s still no sign of being able to use it via 3G.

Our friends over at Electric Pig are as excited as we are and have pointed out that there’s no release date but the app looks well developed, so we reckon it’s going to be released soon. The current iPhone web app only lets you watch shows on the fly using Wi-Fi, so we’re hugely excited about being able to download our favourite programmes so that we can watch them wherever we are.