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iRetrofone Classic iPhone dock has great retro look, terrible name


We’ve seen all manner of inspired iPhone docks surface on crafty sales site Etsy, but this chunky hand-sculpted dock has to be one of our favourites because it will go so well in our ’70s themed home office.

Despite the awful name, the iRetrofone dock looks great because it is hand-cast in urethane resin. Not just a pretty face, the dock also routes calls from the handset to the traditional receiver, and can charge or sync your iPhone as there’s space to plug the USB cable into the bottom of the handset. It’s compatible with all iPhone models and, as the listing helpfully points out, “also helps eliminate concerns about radiation”. Sure, why not?

Brilliant for those who love the old phone aesthetic but loathe the old fixed-line way of life, the iRetrofone does not come cheap. You’ll have to fork out over $300 (that’s around £190!) including shipping for the dock. [via Make]


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