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Iris recognition security hits Alcatel tablet

Alcatel One Touch will demo a tablet at MWC 2014 sporting iris recognition, used to unlock the device and launch apps

Alcatel One Touch is one of the first mobile companies to embrace iris recognition technology, and at MWC 2014 it’ll show off a tablet that can recognise your eyeballs and ensure no thieving scum can get at your precious data.

Iris recognition tech comes to tablets thanks to Alcatel One touch

The unnamed Alcatel tablet uses the front-facing camera to scan and identify your iris, which is unique to each user, much like a fingerprint. It will apparently take ‘seconds’ to scan and authorise your peeper – hopefully just a couple of seconds, as we don’t fancy staring wildly at our devices every time we want to switch them on. We’ll be grabbing a hands-on demo at MWC 2014, and we’ll be sure to report back our findings.

Iris scanning is one of many cool nuggets of tech featured in classic Stallone film Demolition Man, and while it can be tricked with the help of a ballpoint pen, as ably proved by a mental Wesley Snipes, we’re hoping it’ll prove a worthy alternative to fingerprint scanning and voice recognition (coming later this year, according to experts Audience). Now, all we need is a Sandra Bullock sex box, and we’re sorted.


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