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Is iPhone 4S ‘batterygate’ a real problem or people not turning off sync settings?

After last year’s ‘Antennagate’, ‘Shattergate’ and last week’s ‘Updategate’ comes…. *drum roll* BATTERYGATE.

We’ve been hearing reports that the battery life of the iPhone 4S isn’t quite living up to people’s expectations, with juice levels dropping to 50 per cent after just 2 hours in some cases. Users have also noticed that iPhone 3GS and 4s that’ve updated to iOS 5 are now getting a little hot to the touch, which can only exacerbate the battery situation.

The finger of blame so far is being pointed at iCloud and all the lovely syncing options afforded by iOS 5. Customers on Apple’s Support Communites pages are noting significant improvement when sync options areon standby, others aren’t noticing any difference at all.

So far, we’ve not experienced amazing battery life from our iPhone 4S, it has to be said. But in practice its not any better or worse than say, the Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation. It’s certainly not as robust as that of the iPhone 4 but with push email, GPS, Wi-Fi and everything else turned on on top of iCloud then we really weren’t expecting it to.

Given the conflicting comments here its possible that there is a faulty batch (a few bad apples in the barrell?) and therefore you’d be able to exchange your 4S for a new one, if this is indeed the case. Perhaps its too early to declare ‘Batterygate’ but we’re not ruling it out just yet.

Good battery practice

When out and about with our Android phones, we’ve have had to deal with not-brilliant battery life for years. Our Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Docs were all syncing and eating up delicious battery power while we were sat in the pub waiting for a text. We’ve become used to having to carry USB cables and charges with us wherever we go.

We’ve also gotten used to simply turning things like Wi-Fi and GPS off when they’re not needed and cranking the screen brightness to low. If we’re heading on a long train journey where reception is patchy, we normally change our syncing intervals so Gmail isn’t updating every 5 seconds too. So naturally, we’re doing the same with our iPhone 4S; turning everything off if we want to keep things alive a bit longer.

Unless you really can’t wait, you can always sync and upload that cute cat picture when you’re at home, connected to Wi-Fi and your 4S is charging. Like we said, we’ve really not experienced anything as dramatic as other users have here with our iPhone 4S review model.

If you’ve been having any serious battery problems with your iPhone 4S since Friday, please let us know in the comments.

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