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Is this iPhone 5 gesture button a reality or wonky knock-off?

According to the guys at Tinhte, this is a covert snap of the Wintek assembly line, and what you see there is the front bezel of the next generation iPhone.

If we digest this photo with some liberal pinches of salt, you can see the extended button- something we’ve seen in other alleged schematics for the iPhone 5.

Sadly the mole was unable to get any closer; it’s hard to glean much else. We can tick off a larger screen, though it’s that big button-hole that’s got our attention.

Is it a gesture-area? Perhaps a camera to sense when someone’s using it? Some sort of Kinect-esque IR camera? We can dream.

These pictures could be of something else- another iPhone knock-off from Shenzhen; cut-price phone clones that often bare a very strong resemblance to “branded” handsets like the iPhone or other high-end Android models.

Guess we’ll see when that release date finally rolls around. It can’t be far away, can it?


Via: Pocket-Lint


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