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Is this the first Ice Cream Sandwich video? Or a cleverly modded fake?

As more rumour-licious details of the Google Nexus Prime emerge, this video of what’s apparently Ice Cream Sandwich – aka ‘Android 4.0’ – running on a Nexus S has surfaced.

If genuine, this could be the clearest indication of how Ice Cream Sandwich will look and feel on Android phones to come.

Watching the video you can see certain elements of Android 3.0 Honeycomb cropping up, most notably the ‘recent tasks’ column which launches when the mystery man in the video holds down the Home key for a couple of seconds.

Google has previously said that Ice Cream Sandwich will marry elements of both Android 2.X (for phones) and Android 3.X (for tablets), and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

The circular screen unlocker has a similar unlock animation to that which we’ve seen on Honeycomb tabs and it appears to have taken a cue from the HTC Sense unlocker as well; at the start of the video we can see the mystery user unlocking straight to the Nexus S’s camera.

You also get four shortcut icons at the bottom with the app launcher icon in the middle, similar to what you get on most Android phones.

The icons too, we’ve seen before, bearing striking similarity to the shots that were unearthed by RootzWiki a while back. The same neon blue and grey theme is also present here, as is the ‘Google Apps’ we’ve seen before.

While this indeed looks nice, we’re not ruling out the possibility that this is a custom ROM jobbie (albeit a rather nice one). Fake? Flake? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Engadget