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Is this the HTC Wildfire 2?

Maybe. Spotted in one of HTC’s own promotional videos on YouTube, the as-yet un-named, unconfirmed phone has more than a passing resemblance to HTC’s Wildfire model, in a delicate off-white palette.

The Wildfire is one of HTC’s mid-range Android phones, and has benefited from a recent upgrade to Android 2.2. Changes we can spot include the nixing of the trackball, just below the touchscreen, but no more details on specs, or which version of Android this latest one will be toting.

Given the torrential leaking of HTC phones over the last month, we were surprised to see another new phone from the Taiwan titan. Talking to HTC, they wouldn’t comment on rumour or speculation- but did send us to their official Facebook page– there’s a countdown clock, and the spokesperson told us that we can expect big things in just under six days’ time.

Unofficial rumours floating around include dual-core upgrades of your favourite HTC phones, a HTC Tablet, and plenty of other silly ones.

We expect HTC to announce all sorts of goodies throughout Mobile World Congress next week, and we’ll be there in Barcelona, on the edge of our seat, fingertips trembling over our lappies, ready to tell you all about them.

Via: Boy Genius Report


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