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Is this the NFC-enabled Samsung Galaxy S2?

Our head is swimming with leaked, spied, contorted and recoloured versions of the Galaxy S2. (It doesn’t help that we’re being swarmed with entries for our competition to win the classy original.)

These schematics, spotted in a submission to the FCC in the US, suggest this version of the Galaxy S2 (not the one with a sliding keyboard) will have an NFC antennae on the battery cover.

This is Samsung’s favourite place for NFC (Near field communication) goodness, matching the UK’s first mobile wallet handset, the Tocco Quick Tap.

Engadget notes that it has a different model number to the crowd of Samsung models set to arrive on different US phone networks, and the length and width of the handset above match those of the original Galaxy S2.

Samsung UK confirmed earlier this year that an NFC-capable model is scheduled to arrive late into 2011 here in the UK.


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