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iSite web design application released for iPad

Fancy being a web designer? What’s that? You’re all about blogs and Twitter nowadays? Oh.

Well, iSite HD is a glimpse back at another era, when the only way to publish on the web was by designing your own website, rather than piggybacking on anyone else’s platform.

In truth, iSite sounds like it might be more aimed at professional web designers, since its app description talks about it as a way to prototype sites. The app has a WYSIWYG interface, letting you drag and drop components around, and see how they’ll render in the Safari browser. “Really, who needs to worry about HTML?” says the blurb.

The app lets you publish your site using FTP, and also use photos from your iPad photo library in your designs. It’s certainly interesting that iSite HD exists, although we’re wondering just how popular it’ll be.


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