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iTar: Starr Labs’ guitar fingerboard plus an iPad shreds it up on Kickstarter

We’ve seen Fingerist for the iPhone which is awesome, but it sometimes makes you look like you’re playing a tiny widdle ukelele.

That’s all well and good but Starr Lab’s iTar, which turns your iPad into a guitar (see what they did there?) is an altogether more rockin’ prospect. As its for the iPad and not the iPhone, you get the advantage of size. Plus you don’t end up playing it up by your nipples, like the bassist from Rage Against the Machine (hopefully).

But there’s more to this than just a fancy hardcase with a fingerboard on it. The iTar also works in tandem with Starr Labs’ own app, which allows you to use it as a bass, a drum set, a keyboard and a whole lot of other things including a guitar (natch). This could take the whole ‘bands using phones to play songs’ thing to a new level…

Starr Labs, if you’re not familiar, have been busy making custom fingerboard instruments and MIDI controllers for artists including Lou Reed, Pendulum and the Chemical Brothers. The iTar uses the same fingerboard and is the company’s first big mass consumer push.

The project is currently being funded by the group’s Kickstarter, so there’s no word on how much this will cost yet as it needs to get off the starting blocks; the target is $50,000 and there’s 54 days left to go.

Head over to the Kickstarter page now for some more pics of the Starr Labs guys and their site for a more technical overview of how their MIDI fingerboards work.

Prize for the best picture here though goes to this one of main testing man Jason, doing his best Tony Levin impression.

Source: Kickstarter via UberGizmo


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