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Jabra Stone: Hands on, hands-free

It’s no secret that some Bluetooth headsets look ridiculous, especially if they’ve got a boom that swings straight into your mouth. Do you really want to take the risk of looking like a fool for the sake of being able to take hands-free calls? Jabra thinks not, which is why it’s developed the Stone.

Improvements in Bluetooth technology have allowed Jabra to do away with the boom altogether without sacrificing a major drop in call quality. The Jabra Stone headset discreetly tucks in behind your right ear and fits snugly in place.

Unfortunately the sound quality for calls isn’t brilliant. We paired the Stone with an iPhone 3G and Nokia N95 and there was a lot of background noise on the Jabra end, even in a quiet part of the office. We can only assume that it’s worse at a train station or on a high street.

The Stone comes with a charging dock and slots directly into a portable charger, creating a solid pebble-like shape. Both of them charged together give you a combined total of eight hours of talk time – two from the headset and an extra six from the charger.

We really like the Stone’s design and are glad that Jabra has taken steps to get away from ‘boom territory’ but we have to say that there’s room for improvement when it comes to sound quality. The Jabra Stone is available for £99 from Carphone Warehouse.


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