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James May’s Science Stories for iOS and Android: interview and video

James May has teamed up with Digicave and Qualcomm to create an augmented reality app that adds a new dimension to a visit to the London Science Museum.

James May’s Science Stories is designed to enhance the learning experience associated with some of the exhibits on display. Visitor to the museum scan a target found on select exhibits with their smartphone’s camera to view a 3D representation of James May, explaining more information about the exhibit.

James May leant not only his voice, but his likeness to the app with company Digicave entrusted with creating the virtual James and Qualcomm providing the Vuforia technology which can seen on a number of augmented reality apps.

The end result is a miniature James May strolling around the museum plinths and informing users about the history, technology and general facts about one of nine different exhibits on display at the Science Museum. If you’re not planning on visiting the museum, you run it from home with printable targets, so you’re not just limited to using the app within the confines of the Science Museum.

We had a demonstration of the app on the museum floor and some face time with the man himself, check out the video below.

As it stands, James has been filmed and digitally rendered to present nine of the exhibits at the museum, but all parties involved have confirmed that more targets on more plinths will be made available soon. The app is available for £1.99 on both the App Store and Google Play, check it out.


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