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Super-cheap Jawbone Up Move packs 6-month battery life

The Jawbone Up Move is a wearable device that tracks your daily movements, boasting two great selling points. First, the £40 asking price and second, amazing battery life.

Jawbone has unveiled a new wearable which could be the perfect choice for us skint folk looking to track our health without throwing away hundreds of pounds. The Jawbone Up Move, as it has been catchily named, clips on to your clothing and keeps track of your sleep, steps, exercise, calories consumed and also offers some fitness coaching functionality too.

The best part about the device seems to be the price, coming in at £40 (or $50US if you’re States-side), but that’s not all the Jawbone Up Move has got going for it.

The device runs off a single watch battery which Jawbone assures us will provide a full six months of service before needing to be replaced. That’s a massive advantage over most other trackers, which generally stutter and die after just a couple of days, or in some cases, just 24 hours. As long as you don’t mind buying a new battery twice a year, of course.

You can quickly and easily pair the Up Move with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and it’s fully water resistant (that’s resistant, not proof), giving you a small, cheap monitor which could well shake up the health wearable market in the coming months.

Perhaps the only drawback that we can see is that some might not want a small coloured pendant with flashing LEDs clipped to their clothes, but that minor misgiving can be side-stepped by purchasing one of the soon-to-be-available wrist bands for the device, which will allow you to rock it like any other wearable on the market.

The Up Move will be available in the UK this month. You can buy it right now on Jawbone’s website, or late November at John Lewis, Apple, Selfridges, Dixons and Amazon.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little different, or truly waterproof, you could take a look at the company’s new Up3, announced today as well. The Up 3 is a dedicated wristband which can track your heart rate and monitor your sleep, and survive dives up to ten metres. You can grab one for £149 this winter.