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Jaws™ for iPhone is not recommended for selachophobics

Remember the first time you watched Jaws? The cold sweat that broke out as those ominous bass notes gradually sped up? Cowering behind cushions and loved ones as some red food colouring and huge lump of fibreglass reduced you to a gibbering wreck? Your decision to never again set foot in the sea?

Well, now you can recapture all that in handy iPhone form thanks to the Jaws game.

Taking the role of Chief Brody, it’s your job to save the holidaymakers of Amity Island from the monstrous Great White during its frequent visits. As the tourists swim in the shallows unaware of the danger, you have to calmly guide them back to the beach, pick them up in rescue boats or flick them out of the jaws of death as the shark approaches.

What with that Oscar winning theme music and the little red patches that spring up as you fail to save swimmer after swimmer… it’s not for the faint-hearted.

I think I’ll stick to this kind of shark, if it’s all the same to you.


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