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Jazz up your iPhone memos with… drums?

Ever wanted more drums when writing memos to yourself?

Of course you have. We have too. Hasn’t everyone? Scribbling notes is so much better when accompanied by drums. It’s why Keith Moon was so good at To Do lists.

Oh, hang on, we’re confusing To Do lists with ‘drinking own bodyweight in vodka and driving cars into swimming pools’ again. No wonder we were thrown off that time management course…

Why are we burbling on about drums’n’memos? There’s a new universal iOS app called Memodrummer – Remix that looks to combine the two. Its App Store blurb is unimprovable, so we’ll simply print it as is:

“Memo featuring Drums! People feel stress when writing text. For example sentence, spelling, words etc. You know? Just drumming! Then come up very good ideas! Collaboration with high-quality drums and simple notepad! This app change your memo life!”

Indeed! Although we fear it may lead to an unwanted side-effect of having to count yourself in Ramones-style when writing any kind of To Do list…


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