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Jelly Bean is now the most popular version of Android

Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android, overtook Ice Cream Sandwich in May after Google tweaked the way that it tallied up the different versions of its mobile operating system. Jelly Bean has reached yet another milestone this month, finally dethroning Gingerbread as the most adopted version of Android.

According to The Next Web and Google’s Android stats, Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.2 now account for 37.9% of all Android usage, besting Gingerbread which currently sits at 34.1%. Ice Cream Sandwich comes in at third place with 23.3%, with older versions of Android bringing up the rear. The fact that Jelly Bean is now exactly a year old has certainly helped: manufacturers have had a chance to update their devices and release plenty of additional toys with Jelly Bean onboard.

Even cheaper phones and tablets are running Jelly Bean nowadays, and there’s certaintly been a flood of more affordable devices over the past year that no doubt have helped to boost the numbers. Still, Google did change the way it collects data on Android usage back in April. Previously, Google recorded the Android version number after a user had signed in to Google’s servers for the first time. Now, however, Google only takes the version of Android when someone accesses the Play Store.

That certainly proves that Jelly Bean users are accessing the Play Store a lot more, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there are more devices running that particular version of Android out there. Let’s not forget the mountain of Android phones that don’t come with the Play Store out of the box either. Still, at least Gingerbread is finally becoming a thing of the past, even if Google had to fiddle with its data collection method to make it happen.


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