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Jeremy Clarkson launches his £7.99 iClarkson app for iPad

Who said nobody likes paying for apps? Penguin Books will be hoping that’s not true for petrol-heads, as it’s just launched an official app for Jeremy Clarkson with a £7.99 price point.

We sense he may have had a hand in the App Store blurb. “Jeremy Clarkson is probably the world’s leading writer on cars, motoring and modern life as we know it. Certainly, he is the fattest…”

The app includes more than 140 reviews of cars, taken from Clarkson’s two books for Penguin. There are stats galore for each motor too, along with 500 photos of the cars, and 20 videos.

Theer are also interactive features, including playng a solo on Jez’s drumkit, an insult-generating iBumper, and ‘the opportunity to fire a shell from a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank’. As you do.

The perfect Christmas gift for iPad-owning Top Gear fans? Maybe so.


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