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Johnny Cash gets his own iPad graphic novel

Johnny Cash remains a musical hero to several generations, and now the late musician has his own iPad graphic novel. I See A Darkness isn’t new to the App Store – an iPhone version already exists – but it’s definitely best suited to iPad’s larger screen.

The app is a biography of Cash in comic form, and is the work of graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist. It runs from his early years raising hell through to his death in 2003, and has already been a big hit in its print edition.

Here’s the clever thing though: the app ties in Johnny’s music, just as the iPhone version did. Well, it does if you own the songs anyway. If you have Cash’s back catalogue on your iPad, they’ll be inserted at relevant points in the story, as you read the graphic novel.

If you don’t own the songs, there’s a ‘purchase and insert’ feature that ties into Apple’s iTunes Store. Cash is one of the few artists whose life story deserves the graphic treatment, so this app will be a treat if you’re a fan of the Man In Black.


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