All Sections now lets you broadcast live video from your iPhone

It’s the Age Of Sharing and no mistake. We tweet our every sandwich, shout our current location to the world on Foursquare and Facebook, and even stream live video of whatever we’re watching from our mobile phones. The latter – livestreaming – is becoming more popular thanks to apps like Ustream, Qik and now started life famously as one bloke in the US running his own personal Big Brother, livestreaming video of his daily life. However, it’s since evolved into a platform for anyone who wants to broadcast video from their webcam – and latterly from mobile phones too. Until now, its iPhone app has only let you watch these livestreams though.

The new update changes that, allowing you to broadcast over 3G or Wi-Fi from your iPhone. That brings the iPhone app into line with the Android version, which already offers this feature. also lets you share your livestream link on Facebook or Twitter, while two-way chatting to the people who are watching it. The streams are also saved to your account on the website for later viewing. The app only works on iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0 or higher installed, mind.


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