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Karate Champ goes split-screen multiplayer for iPad

Remember Karate Champ? Gamers of a certain age will: it was an arcade game released in 1984 by Data East, capitalising on the mania for all things choptastic. It also got ported to the Commodore 64, among other 8-bit computers.

Now it’s on the iPad. And better still, it’s on the iPad in a multiplayer version that can be played either over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, or on a single iPad in split-screen mode.

Played with on-screen joysticks, the game includes all the original game’s rounds and sounds, along with an authentically retro virtual arcade cabinet to house the action.

“This is no random button masher,” promises the blurb – probably a good thing given the iPad’s lack of buttons. “It’s about skillfully executing perfectly timed karate moves against ever more challenging opponents in your quest to become the one true Karate Champ!”



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