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Keep an eye on what’s draining your battery with Nokia Battery Monitor

A phone displaying two or three bars of battery doesn’t really tell you much other than your battery is roughly half full. It doesn’t tell you if you’ll wipe out your battery on the morning commute if you crank up the volume and power through some playlists.

Which, if your morning journeys are anything like mine, you’ll want to do, to drown out the loud conversations of passengers who repeatedly choose to ignore the ‘Quiet Zone’ signs plastered all around the train carriage…

Thankfully if you’ve got a Nokia phone running Symbian S60v5 or Symbian^3 you can now download the Nokia Battery Monitor to keep an eye on things.

This really useful app tells you how much juice you have left in more relevant terms, i.e. how many hours of talk time, web browsing and music playback you’ve got left.

It also allows you to check which of your phone’s functions you’ve been using the most, things like the camera, music player, gallery, GPS etc. So you’ll be able to get a better idea of what consumes the most power and be able to regulate your phone use accordingly.

You can choose to view info in a fullscreen app or set it as a widget on your Symbian phone’s homescreen. Nokia Battery Monitor is free to download from the Ovi Store now.


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