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Keep the raccoons at bay with Android powered Arduino water gun

This Android-controlled Arduino water gun, adorably named Squirt, was created to “water plants and chase away raccoons”.

We don’t have too much (read: any) trouble with raccoons in this part of the world, but you could certainly use this Android-controlled water gun robot to water plants or keep those urban foxes at bay.

The juxtaposition of the cutesy, flowery pink water gun and the rugged mechanics of the robot would be enough to make me wary. Controlled by an Android handset, which communicates with the robot via Bluetooth, you can steer the bot using an onscreen joystick – or control it via SMS from further afield.

There’s even a ‘guard mode’ that will blast anything that moves with an icy stream of water. Now, if only someone would come up with a bot to refill the water reservoir while you’re out.

[CellBots via Engadget]


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