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Keep up with the Kardashians… using an official iPhone app

Hats off to Mr and Mrs Kardashian for running with the ‘K’ thing for their daughters, even if the names Khloe and Kourtney are, frankly, pushing it a bit.

However, being British, I’m still fairly vague about who those two plus sister Kim are, and what they do. Although the predictable answer, after a spot of webby research, is ‘socialising and reality TV shows’. Such is the modern way.

Anyway, the broadcaster of those reality shows, E! Entertainment Television, has released a free app for the Kardashian crew (sorry, ‘krew’).

It knows its audience too, focusing purely on 200+ video clips and hundreds of photos of the sisters, allowing you to keep up with their red-carpet antics.

Oh, and their tweets, since Twitter is built in too. Naturally.


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