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Keep your Android tidy with DiskUsage and OI File Manager

Being able to carry around several GBs of music and pictures on your Android phone is great and everything, but once in a while a bit of spring cleaning is needed to keep things in order.

When you find that your phone’s performance is suffering, you know you should probably delete something. If you’re not sure where to start then DiskUsage is for you.

DiskUsage is a basic memory visualisation app that gives you an at-a-glance overview of the things which are taking up the most space on your Android phone’s SD card.

The larger blocks represent the memory being used, with the amount in MB or KB displayed, along with the file location. You can delete files directly from the app itself saving you having to mess about going in and out of the app to delete things from the actual folders.

If you’re going to download this we recommend that you check out OI File Manager too. You’ll need this to view any files within the DiskUsage app. While you can ‘view’ pictures and MP3s through the photo gallery or a music playing app, you’ll need OI File Manager to check out other things, like files from the cache.

OI File Manager also gives you a quick overview of what’s stored on your SD card and phone’s memory but doesn’t render information in the same way DiskUage does, nor does it allow you to remotely delete files. Using the two free apps together is the killer memory-card-management combo.

Both DiskUsage and OI File Manager are free to download from the Android Market.


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