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UK’s cheapest 4G phone swoops from the skies

EE has just launched its Kestrel, the UK’s cheapest 4G smartphone, available now for just £99. With Nokia already responding, could this kick off a cheap 4G handset war?

Tempted by 4G mobile, but too skint to stump up? No fear, EE has you covered after unleashing its new Kestrel handset, the UK’s cheapest 4G phone costing just under a hundred quid. The EE Kestrel can be bagged on contract from just £13.99 a month, including 500MB of 4G data, or snapped up for £99 by itself.

EE Kestrel launches as UK's cheapest 4G smartphone

The 4.5-inch Kestrel packs some decent specs for a budget phone, including a quad-core 1.2GHz processor (backed up by 1GB of RAM), 5-megapixel camera (plus 1-megapixel front-facer), and 8GB of storage expandable via microSD memory card. The 4.5-inch screen also looks to be a good ‘un, with a 960×540 pixel resolution – that’s a 245ppi density, not quite as impressive as the Motorola Moto G (a non-4G cheapy phone) but still enough to produce crisp visuals.

Sharp-eyed readers might spot that the EE Kestrel looks an awful lot like Huawei’s Ascend P6, complete with weirdo side-on earphone port. That’s because Huawei actually designed and built the Kestrel.

Until today one of the cheapest 4G phones around was Nokia’s Lumia 625, a great mid-range handset. Nokia responded to EE’s Kestrel news by announcing how its Lumia 625 is available from Carphone Warehouse for just £99.95 – still a smidgen over EE’s £99 price bracket, but let’s face it, what can you buy with 95p these days? Probably not even a penny chew.



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