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Kijjaa: a 3D shooter on a bigger screen

Kijjaa, pronounced, “Kiyaaaaa!!” the noise made as one as plummets to the ground in a shot-down aircraft, is tilt-based 3D shooter, but like nothing else we’ve seen on the iPhone.

We say on the iPhone, but you’ll actually be looking at your computer monitor; Kijjaa is a game played with your phone, and you’ll see the action on a separate computer screen. Acting as a games-controller, you tilt the phone to dodge incoming 8-bit bullets, and return the favour with dual shooting buttons on the phone’s screen.

Wiggling your phone as a controller is addictive, and the 8-bit-Space-Invader design alongside old-school blip and bleeps, are charming.

Sometimes the ‘controller’ can be a bit unresponsive, and it’s not the most challenging game, but there’s enough for some lunchtime plays, and to compete for high-score bragging rights.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, visit the website,, start the app on your phone, and input the on-screen code. That then synchronises your phone to the game, and will even work over 3G. (Though it’s slightly more sluggish, and the desktop computer needs its own internet connection, regardless.)

The developers are promising Game Center support, new enemies and more in the near future. And until the end of today (January 17th) it’s a cut-price 59p. Well worth it, for the sheer novel use of the iPhone controller. Run, go get it now!


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