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Kinect Star Wars App for Windows Phone: hands-on video

Star Wars for Kinect on Xbox 360 has received a mixed reception primarily due to the inclusion of a dance simulator dressed up in the Star Wars universe, aside from that it let you force push and light sabre duel to your hearts content. The Kinect Star Wars companion up, that’s just launched on Windows Phone, does things a little differently.

For starters the app’s main functionality is found in the ability to aggregate your social networking feeds from both Facebook and Twitter in a single stream. By swiping side-to-side, not only can you also split out individual each networks individual live stream, but the app allows you pretty robust posting functionality too, not that dissimilar from the official Twitter app for Windows Phone.

There are options to add photos, location information, pin the app as a shortcut on your home screen and jump to the Star Wars Kinect Console game webpage on the Xbox 360’s official website.

All of this however, play second fiddle to the main purpose of the app. Aside from the Star Wars themed backdrop complete with R2 and C3PO, by turning the phone into landscape mode, you activate the applications, special ability.

Complete with John Williams iconic opening theme, the app ‘plays’ your social feeds slowly up the screen in the same style as the famous opening credits of each instalment. Once the feeds start rising up from the bottom of the screen, you can also scroll through the procession of posts to your heart content. We don’t recommend trying this out in a crowded place however as it would appear no matter what volume your phone may be set to, that opening theme will blare out full pelt every time.

The Kinect Star Wars app is available now on devices running Windows Phone 7.5 or higher and is available for free from Windows Phone’s Marketplace. Check our hands-on video below to see the app in action down below.



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