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Kinectimals heads to Windows Marketplace: £2.29 for Tamagotchi 2.0

Ever wanted a little tiger cub or baby panther to play with but don’t like the idea that it’ll exponentially get bigger, become less cute and become more dangerous? That’s where Kinectimals for Windows Phone comes in.

You can play with, feed and pet a ferocious carnivorous but incredibly cute predator from the safety of your Windows Phone’s circa 4-inch screen.

The main thrust of getting Kinectimals on your phone of course is that if you’ve got Kinectimals on your Xbox 360 and you’ve got Kinect, you can transfer your little pets to and from your 360 to your Windows Phone thanks to the magic of QR codes and the Kinect reader.

Kinectimals on Windows Phone unlocks five new cute cubs including the ‘Scimitar Cat’ and the ‘Tiglon’. Probably mates of Lion-O and the other Thundercats.

Perhaps the best thing about Kinectimals is not so much the game itself but what it represents; Windows Phone devices working with an Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Cute fluffy cyberpets are the tip of the iceberg; we’re expecting much bigger and better things from Microsoft in the pipeline. But much like how Snake paved the way for things to come, this could be the start of a new chapter in mobile gaming.

Microsoft has hinted at bigger things to come in this department. We await developments with bated breath.


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