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Kinetic iPhone Dock is made of wood, gears and awesome

This ‘Kinetic iPhone Dock’ is everything we’d want from a phone accessory. Not only does it look great, it allows you to rotate your iPhone from portrait to landscape while charging it.

You can have it sat on your desk or mount it on a wall above a mains socket, where it can be used as a really, really small TV.

It’s not quite as lo-fi as our effort with the old coat-hanger, but we suspect that it’s a little more sturdy, not to mention more practical.

The Kinetic iPhone Dock is made of cherry wood and comes with a USB charging cable bunged in. The only real drawback is that it can only be used with case-less iPhones. So if you’ve had to invest in an iPhone 4 bumper because of Antennagate, you’d have to take your phone out of the case every time you wanted to use it.

We spotted this over on Kickstarter, where maker Murtaza is raising cash to fund the project. Murtaza is currently a few thousand dollars short of the pledge goal, so if you’re feeling philanthropic, dig deep. Pledges can be as little as $1, and you’ll need a Kickstarter account to donate.

We’d love to see a version of this adapted to fit around bulky UK mains sockets. Hopefully if the target is reached Murtaza will one day be able to tailor a Kinetic iPhone Dock for old Blighty.


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