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Farm Heroes Super Saga, brings new artwork and gameplay to the yard

If you’re at all familiar with King, you’ll know that it’s the name behind massive mobile titles like Candy Crush and Tuesday saw the launch of the company’s latest game, Farm Heroes Super Saga.

As its name suggests, you return to the Farm Heroes Saga universe, albeit with a few notable differences and improvements. The game has you swapping ‘cropsies’ in King’s tried and tested match-three-or-more formula, but the basic gameplay now sees the addition of super cropsies – giant farm vegetables that score you more points in a single move. They’re created by matching four regular cropsies of the same type in a square but can then interact with the board like any standard piece.

As you play through the game you’re given a range of targets, from collecting certain numbers of certain types of cropsies and super cropsies, reuniting Fidget the Squirrel with his nuts, feeding hay to Darwin the Goat or defeating Rancid the Racoon by launching cans at him. This greater emphasis on characters can also be seen with new, fun playful animations for the cropsies and super cropsies as well as the game’s high-detail cast of characters.

King has also pushed more weight on the multiplayer aspect of this game, which leverages social integration with Facebook, letting you find and square off against your friends and fellow players by amassing the most points and climbing the leaderboard.

A King game wouldn’t be complete without in-app purchases and you have tools like a watering can, garden glove and basket to manipulate the game board. These can all be bought with in-game gold which you can purchase using real money, or collect by participating in the Country Show.

The higher your score on each of the game’s current 205 levels, the more points go towards growing your Country Show cropsie. Being a timed event, this is the game’s way of rewarding you for continuous play time in a single stint, but like other games from King, there’s also a lives system, which offers up five lives that deplete each time you fail a level. They’re automatically replenish after an extended cool-down, but you can pay to jump straight back in the game, or spend in-game gold to try and finish a level beyond your default move count.

Developer King has unquestionably upped the ante and created more reasons for players to stick around within the world of Farm Heroes Super Saga, with a freemium model that isn’t too punishing and a colourful, fun and slick revamped presentation style to keep you engrossed.

It’s available to play for free on Facebook and now on iOS and Android too.


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