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King of the app stores: Apple still winning with 82.7 percent

According to data released last week from research firm IHS, Apple still remains by far the king of apps, with an 82.7% share of the app market.

For Apple, this was still a drop down from a dominating 92.8% in 2009. Rival stores are continuing to chip away at that lead, with second-place Blackberry’s App World revenue growing 360.3%, cashing in $165 million last year. The now hold a 7.7% share of the app market

Even more impressive was troubled Nokia’s own Ovi store, which saw over 700% growth. (It may be worth noting that the Windows Phone 7 app store may be too young to make an appearance for last year- or it’s off the bottom of the table.)

Google’s Android market props up the bottom of the table, with 861.5% growth from last year. We’re expecting Android will be leapfrogging Nokia, perhaps even Blackberry, by the end of 2011, but last year still only held a tiny 4.7% share of the whole app business market.

Google’s app store does tend toward free apps, paying developers through in-app ad placements, so in terms of paid-for-in-money revenue share it’s still a minnow compared to the might of iTunes.

In whole, there was a 160.2% increase to the app market in 2010. What are your guesses for next year’s figures and Top 3?

Picture courtesy of  IHS Screen Digest February 2011,



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